Since 2006, it has been an absolute pleasure bringing the city we love, with its musicals and activities to clients all over the world, before they even set foot on a New York sidewalk. Based on the feedback we've received, it seems our customers are happy as well. Here are some of your responses from the past several months. Thank you for your kind words!

Testimonials & Thanks from our Clients

We would like to thank the whole NewYork60 team: patience, efficiency, flexibility ... In short, top-quality service for the purchase of our tickets.

In addition, compared to some sites, no extravagant fees added at the time of payment: in the end, the prices are very attractive!

For our next purchases we will return without any hesitation to NewYork60.

  L K, France, 13. July 2019

Good Evening Irene,
I am writing to thank you for your recommendation. We attended King Kong and really enjoyed it. It is a great musical!
Tomorrow I leave New York but if I return I will get back in touch with you. Also, if you need anything from Buenos Aires I would be happy to help!

Thank you very much, 

  C F, Argentina, 12. June 2019

Good evening Irene,
I wanted to thank you for your intervention and responsiveness in this situation (cancellation of my flight for security reasons).
I will not hesitate to book new tickets and to advertise for relatives or friends who wish to visit NYC.
I thank you again and wish you a very good week.

  B F, Canada, 2. May 2019

Dear team, I confirm receipt of the new order. I wanted to highlight your responsiveness and efficiency. Have no doubt that your management has reaffirmed my conviction to continue using newyork60 for future purchases.

  H D, Spain, 17. April 2019

We received the refund. A big thank you for your seriousness and your availability! We have to reschedule our trip for May and we will return with pleasure to NewYork60.
Perfect! :-)

  W L, France, 6. March 2019

Dear Irene,

Thank you again for your efforts and for the quick and easy solution.
I'm happy! I have received everything and immediately printed out.

  K R, Germany, 14. February 2019

After how well we were attended to, the first thing we want to do is contact with NewYork60 again now that we have re-scheduled our trip to New York. With that in mind, I wanted to ask you all if it is possible to help choose 2 tickets for Moulin Rouge on the 10th of July. We prefer Orchestra seats however we leave the selection in your hands.

  H A, Spain, 5. January 2019

This is really great news! Thank you for what you have done for me. My friends will follow the directions in the email.
I wish you a good evening and thank you again for your kindness in explaining everything!!!!!

  R M, France, 5. December 2018

Dear Erica,
Even if it’s three weeks ago I wanted to thank you for your help and your patience.
We had a wonderful trip to New York City. Everything worked so well and easy with the tickets and we enjoyed every moment at the theatre!
Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

  M K, United Kingdom, 15. November 2018

Dear Erica,
Everything worked out great!
Thank you for your wonderful work! I will gladly recommend NewYork60!

Best regards,

  B C, Austria, 24. October 2018

Hi Irene
That‘s amazing, thank you so so much for your support! I wouldn‘t have thought this was possible, thank you, that‘s really great customer service :-) I have received the new purchase confirmation.
Have a wonderful day!

  M M, Germany, 24. September 2018

Hello Irene,
Thank you for your responsiveness; you're the best!!
I am going to purchase tickets with NewYork60 again and will recommend it to all of my friends who travel to New York.
Many thanks to you again!

  Q J, France, 22. August 2018

Hi Irene, I want to congratulate you on your service and friendliness. The attention we received truly says a lot about your team. I will always recommend NewYork60 to our friends and family who travel to New York frequently. Thank you so much!!!

  F J, Spain, 20. July 2018

Hello Newyork60 Team!!!
Thank you for your fast and professional handling!
I will recommend you!! Keep it up!!!!

  H A, Germany, 19. June 2018

Hi Irene:
I am going to save this email to show everyone who wants to purchase Broadway so they do it with you. It is rare that someone not only responds to and resolves a problem but that, in addition, they do it with such care and sensitivity. I thank you very much. Luckily, my daughter is better although she still requires care. I hope to be able to travel in July and without a doubt I will return to you to purchase another ticket.
A very cordial hello, 

  C M, Spain, 15. May 2018

It was my Mac that blocked the email. Thanks so much Irene for your help with this. The truth is that I felt very supported in my purchase. Thanks for everything, especially considering it is a Sunday!

  C M, Argentina, 24. April 2018

Hi Irene,
Thank you very much for getting back to me this quickly. I very much appreciate your excellent service!
Let’s proceed as proposed by you. Could you please send me a payment request for one more ticket?
Many thanks,

  S J, Germany, 9. March 2018

Hello Irene,

A big thank you! I just purchased two tickets for The Lion King. The locations of the seats B 111 and 112 are fabulous. I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and efficiency. Bravo!

  O M, Canada, 9. February 2018

Wonderful News! Thank you again for dealing with this and making my mistake a rewarding outcome!!!

  B D, United Kingdom, 12. January 2018

Hello Irene,
Thank you so much for your fast and precise response. No one can say that you don't take care of your clients! We think that it is better to have a larger view of the stage so will keep our original seats in row U. Many thanks again!

  L D, France, 12. December 2017

Many thanks for everything! It was a pleasure to be able to count on your help and of course we will follow your suggestion and make the change that you propose. Thanks again for everything!

  H A, Spain, 7. November 2017

You are wonderful!! Thank you for everything.

  G D, Austria, 23. October 2017

Dear Irene, Thank you, what great news! What a relief. I am very happy with your services. NewYork60 is fast, efficient and helpful. Thanks Again.

  V A, France, 2. October 2017

Thank you for the alteration or change booking/reservation!
We are very lucky to visit your Musical!!
Now we will come for ""Chicago the Musical"" : 05. october 2017, 20:00 !!
With greetings :-)

  V U, Germany, 19. September 2017

Good morning Irene,
I just want to say thank you because I had an amazing evening yesterday. And my seat was one of the best! Thank you for helping me!
All the best,
Theresa :)

  D L, Germany, 17. August 2017

Hello Irene
First of all thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness. I have received my purchase confirmation and am very pleased with the assigned seats! Thank you for responding so well to my request.

  M I, France, 26. July 2017

Thanks so much Irene!

If you would like, I can fill out a satisfaction survey to help you with reviews for more tourists. NewYork60 is very reliable and more people need to know it!

I will be in touch again! Thank you!

  P A, Spain, 21. June 2017

Really great and we are very happy!!!!! A very big thank you to you!

  B F, France, 22. May 2017

Dear Irene,
Thank you very much for taking care so thoroughly.
No worries about the auto-reply. This was only for information that I won’t be reading my emails every day. But I have received all.
So, yes, the Purchase Confirmation was well received.
Looking forward to our visit to NY!

  M R, Austria, 10. April 2017

Dear Irene,
Thank you for your help.
I received the confirmation and I was able to check the seats in the theater map.
They are perfect!
Thanks again!

  T S, Italy, 20. March 2017

Good Morning Irene,

I went to see Aladdin the musical last night with my husband. He loved the surprise. The show was absolutely grand and magnificent, we fell back into childhood for two hours, thank you. The theater is sublime, the perfect size, just what it takes to stay intimate. There is ample leg-room (my husband is 1m90 so he was delighted!). We had seats J 17 and 19 in the side Orchestra. We did see very well, although we would have preferred to get closer to the center, like places 11 and 13 however I waited a bit too long to buy our tickets !! But it was perfect all the same! The price of the tickets is worth the show: Orchestra, songs, costumes, sets, music, emotions, storytelling, role and attitude of the characters, not to mention the sense humor, everything was there!

A big thank you for your help, see you soon!

  S L, Canada, 13. February 2017

Hi Irene,
Thanks so much for your rapid response!

The seat locations are superb!
My parents and sister will be thrilled.

I'm going to print the confirmation for Saturday's 8pm performance now.
Have a great weekend,

  D C, France, 20. January 2017

Good Morning Irene, I received everything perfectly! Many thanks for all your help. This is the second time I am seeing The Lion King on Broadway. I saw it on my first visit to NY in 2008. This time my sister and her family are coming along and I want them to see this singular show! I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2017! Also, I don't discard the possibility of booking tickets for another show...

  F S, Argentina, 14. December 2016

Hello Irene,

Thanks a lot again for your kind words, your understanding and your help.
Meanwhile I’ve rescheduled our trip for January.

It would be great if you had suggestions for Must See things to do in New York. We really would like to go see some show on Broadway and also would be looking for some Blues place to go to.

  R J, Germany, 28. November 2016

Hi Erica!
We got the rebooking!!!  A few lines to super thank you for the great help and excellent job.
All my family is thankful and excited with the news.
You rock!

  V X, Chile, 8. October 2016

Thanks Erica!!!

Thanks for everything. I am really grateful and didn't expect such personalized attention. I hope that my friend and her family are able to enjoy the show that we weren't able to attend. Thank you and when I travel to NY again, God willing, I will contact NewYork60 and hopefully also be able to see the show myself.

A million thanks!!!

  J A, Argentina, 5. October 2016

Hi Erica,

Thank you very very much, my account has been credited yesterday as you told me and you are THE BEST!!!

I can't wait to go back to New York, just love it.

Have a nice day, take care.

  C S, France, 21. September 2016

Thank you for your honesty and especially for the great seats you assigned me for The Lion King. We were indeed in a very good location and fully enjoyed the show at a significantly discounted price compared to other sites...

  L O, France, 28. August 2016

My Dear Irene,

Thank you so much! I don't have words enough to thank for all your kindness towards  my family. GRAZIE! We all hope also the best for the husband of our daughter and in particular also for the 3 small children.
Thank you also a lot for the cancellation of our tickets. This shows the seriousness of the great company NewYork60. If all we return as before, we will certainly book again with the great NewYork60 the musical ""The Lion King"" and of course many other activities.

Thank you so much again.

Sincerely and with my Best Regards

PS: Please again, apologize my very bad english. I hope you could understand my written words. GRAZIE! 

  B R, Germany, 18. July 2016

Now I have it!
Thanks a lot :)
Kind and efficient like always.

  C M, Italy, 23. June 2016

Thanks for all.
received everything... I'm sure we'll enjoy this magic show!
See you. :)

  C M, France, 30. April 2016

Hello!  received the confirmation for my Broadway tickets just fine, already printed them.  Great service, so nice to deal with real people.  So, Irene is in Ibiza! I grew up in Spain myself!   Keep up the good work, your service is excellent.

  T S, France, 2. March 2016

Got it. Perfect. These tickets will make the perfect gift. Thanks for your quick support.
Best regards

  G P, Germany, 27. February 2016

Due to the snow storm we have been stranded on the other side of the country, but your service makes our day. Many thanks.

  C W, United Kingdom, 25. January 2016

Everything received!
Many thanks for your excellent service!

  G D, France, 16. December 2015

Good Afternon,

I'm overwhelmed by how well you managed my request and treated me. I appreciate this VERY much.

I have been researching and, like you mentioned, the view from the first seats assigned is good. As such, my girlfriend and I will keep these seats. Notwithstanding, I appreciate very much your effort in trying to find alternatives.

Thank you for everything. I will without a doubt recommend your company to all of my friends, family members and colleagues.

  R A, Spain, 10. November 2015

Hi Erica

Thanks for your efficient change of the ticket holder’s name. I’m going to hand the updated purchase information over to my friend and I guess he’ll enjoy the show on his birthday.

Have a gorgeous autumn (there is a tree with fiery red leaves outside my window) and enjoy any remaining sunny days.

  M D, Germany, 20. October 2015

Dear Irene,

Just received.
I purchased 3 further tickets to MAMA MIA through your site due to your excellent response and service.

Best Regards,

  E D, Israel, 6. August 2015

"Hi Irene,the show was really great. We all enjoyed it on a very high level and the seats were very good. Two and two in tandam was a good arrangement.
Thank you very much for all you did for us and I will write to you more, when I come home in about two weeks from now.
Tomorrow we are going to Washington DC, the Niagara Falls to follow.
Shabbat Shalom."

  A A, United Kingdom, 10. July 2015

"Dear Irene,

Thank you so much for your help and kindness.

I highly appreciate it.

Have a great weekend - you made mine."

  S V, Germany, 26. June 2015

Thank you! You are amazing! I really appreciate that and your level of service.

  D J, Canada, 28. May 2015

Thank you so much for your help!
I confirm that I wish to change the date to May 7th at 8:00 PM with seats ORCHESTRA H 1 - 3.
Congratulations on your excellent service and willingness to put the customer first. It is a pleasure to communicate with you, and I will recommend NewYork60 to everyone traveling to New York!
I look forward to receiving the new seats.
A very cordial greeting.

  R A, Argentina, 14. April 2015

Thank you for your prompt reply. I really do appreciate it, very professional!
It is nice to deal with people like you and I'll recommend you anytime!
With best regards

  K A, France, 29. March 2015

The show was a great success and thank you again for everything.  I will definitely use your services again.
Have a nice day.

Kind Regards,

  F A, Ireland, 3. February 2015


Just a quick message to thank you.

The show (Motown) was fantastic, our seats were great and it took us 2 minutes to pick-up our tickets at the box office.
Beyond that, thank you for your reactivity and your very good customer service!

See you soon!

  R J, France, 2. January 2015

Thank you very much! I already worked with you several times and from now on I will always do so if want. Happy holiday and best wishes for 2015!!!

  C X, Spain, 10. December 2014

Everything is OK, I received the confirmation for the Harlem & gospel brunch.

The tour was great, and our guide Sheila was awesome.

Best regards,

  B M, Sweden, 1. November 2014

Thank you very much for the time you extended towards me.

I am very happy with the seats we have been assigned thanks to your understanding and kindness.

Best of luck to you in the furture, for us this trip is starting very well.

With our best regards.

  G M, France, 3. October 2014

Dear Irene,

I received the confirmation and would like to thank you for your immediate and friendly support. Have a nice day!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

  R E, Germany, 5. September 2014

If you feel like seeing a show in New York, NewYork60 is, without any doubt, the site you need!

They offer a very personalized and helpful service, from purchase to cancellation (unfortunately for me). They really have a exceptional Customer Service and their prices are reasonable. To recommend absolutely!

  G A, France, 29. July 2014

Dear Leslie,
Thank you – I’ve just received the new purchase confirmation email.
Your service is really good and I sincerely appreciate it. Can’t wait to get to NYC!
Millions of thanks.

  L C, Vietnam, 10. June 2014

I'm very glad that I have booked with newyork 60.

We will fly on tuesday to New York and we are very happy to stay a few days there.

Many thanks for your help.

Sunny regards from Germany.

  C L, Germany, 19. May 2014

Thank You.

OPTIMAL service!

  C N, Italy, 21. April 2014

This is the first time that I am writing feedback on a website!! We are going to NY with our two daughters in April. For their birthday, we wanted to see The Lion King.
I purchased with newyork60 because its tickets were much less expensive (for the same section of the theater) and, on the top of that, they allow cancellations.
We didn't really like the seats assigned by the theatre so I replied to the purchase confirmation email asking for better seats. And then... a miracle!!
The answer I received was not from a machine but from a sweet "Leslie" who worked very hard to get me better seats, sending me updates everyday with a lot of kindness and efficiency.
I still find it hard to believe, as I was convinced that I would get an automatic reply from a machine! I can only recommend this website for its professionalism, efficiency and kindness. Incredible!

  B L, France, 13. March 2014


I received the seats location and the theatre map and wanted to congratulate you for your efficiency and professionalism.
Well done!!
It is the first time that I have used your website and will not be the last!!

Congratulations again and thank you!!!

  S A, France, 12. March 2014


Thank you very much for the fast reply and efficiency.
The truth is that when I decided to use your company's services, it was because the comments on TripAdvisor were excellent, saying that you provide a very good service and always solve problems.
I can see that it is true.

No doubt that if I need to, I will use your services again.
Again, thank you very much.


  B M, Ecuador, 17. February 2014

Hello from Panama.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.
Indeed, I received the purchase confirmation email and the seats location. I can see on the map that the seats are great. I'm very grateful for the efforts and support.

Best regards!

  L A, Panama, 3. February 2014

A big thank you to Leslie & Irene...for helping me get three great seats for Mamma Mia in June 2014!

  R V, France, 9. January 2014

We want to thank you for everything and congratulate you on your efficiency!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

  G A, Spain, 24. December 2013

Thank you all for your kind help and this fantastic seats.

With best wishes from Vienna.

  N M, Austria, 16. December 2013

We went to see Mamma Mia on October 12, 2013. The show "Mamma Mia" was great! My friend and I were enchanted by the actors, sets, the Winter Garden Theater and the general atmosphere of the show. In addition to seeing the show, we were able to see the actors close-up (which is rare in France) and even talk to them. We were delighted!

Thank you very much again for your kindness.

  C F, France, 22. November 2013

First of all, I would like to thank you for the seats you assigned me. The show was amazing, I will recommend your site if someone needs to see a musical. I will keep using your website. Thank you for everything. 

  V X, Spain, 15. September 2013

I wanted to thank you for the service provided, I purchased tickets for The Phantom of the Opera and everything went very well, I wanted to congratulate you for your professionalism and the security of your site, the seats location was great.

Thank you for making sure that such a special trip has been so satisfactory to us.

  G N, Spain, 5. September 2013

I am very grateful for the date modification of my tickets on August 30th. I had complete confidence in the service you provide.

It is not the first time I purchase tickets with you and I have always been very satisfied with your company.

  O M, Brazil, 22. August 2013

Thank you so much for all the trouble I put thru, double booking my reservations (my mistake), then cancelling them for further dates. Then booking me on two other shows, without penaltys or delays... You even worked on the 4th of July!

Great prices, great service, I'll be happy to recommend my friends and travel agents to buy tkts thru your company. Muchas gracias!

  R J, United States, 8. July 2013

This is a great service you provide and I love your web site and prices! I found your service very professional and your web site easy to navigate.

  B M, Israel, 1. June 2013

Thank you we will use your services again next time we have the opportunity to go to NY, we will surely recommend you to our friends.

We are grateful for your attention and the excellent replies to the emails sent.

  C M, Brazil, 27. May 2013

How great our seats are!! Right in the front and at such a lower price!! I can't beleive it!!

  A J, Brazil, 1. April 2013

Thank you for the follow-up of my booking and for your quick reply. It is very rare to get such a quick follow-up through Internet! 

I will recommend your site to my family and friends. 

  M M, France, 1. March 2013

I'm taking this opportunity to thank you very much for your help and your effectiveness.

I am glad to know I was dealing with a trustworthy company and I will more than happy to recommend it and use it again in the near future.

With many thanks and best regards.

  D D, Argentina, 22. January 2013

Thank you for your effort and support, this service is exemplary! I have also booked the Blue Man Group show on NewYork60 and it also worked well. Your prices are much better than the competitors!

Greetings from Kamen (near Dortmund).

  W G, Germany, 29. December 2012

Greetings from Tokyo, Japan.
Thank you very much for your attention to my ticket change request. You have been very helpful.

Looking forward to enjoying the musical show next month!

S Y, Japan, 5. October 2012

I wanted to thank Newyork60 for all of the help and kindness they showed to my family.

I had purchased 7 tickets to the Broadway show Sister act. This was a special trip for my family to celebrate my moms 70th birthday. Unfortunately my mom was ill and not able to make the trip.

 will certainly order tickets through newyork60 again and would like to thank them for all that they did. Every person I spoke to was understanding and efficeint.

I highly recommend purchasing tickets through Newyork60.

  E K, United States, 22. March 2012

I am very happy with my decision to book with NewYork60!

Thank you for modifying my booking.

I also want to thank you again for your kindness. It is very encouraging to see that some people involved in the economy, even the e-economy, still give importance to their clients... It has become very rare...

Kind regards.

  B F, France, 21. February 2012

Thank you very much for your quick reply and your efforts.

As our trip to NY is only delayed, I am glad to inform you that we will get for sure in contact again! :-)

Kind regards from Austria.

  K M, Austria, 25. January 2012

Thank you very, very much for your efforts and I am happy that it worked out with the change in reservations! You made me really happy in doing this!

I have booked tickets to musicals many times via and was very satisfied each time with the transaction.

I will absolutely continue to book tickets with you in the future!

Thank you again and best wishes from Hannover- Germany.

  L M, Germany, 30. November 2011

Thank you very much!

Your response has given me peace of mind... and also your reassurance that this type of long-distance transaction is possible through you.

Your service and availability was very cordial and we hope we have not caused you too much trouble.

Greetings and best wishes.

  S M, Spain, 2. November 2011

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your prompt response and for your great kindness.

We will surely use your services again in the future.

Kind regards.

  S N, Spain, 26. October 2011

I would like to thank you and your team for your understanding and efficiency.

I will recommend your services to my friends and family in the future.

  S R, Portugal, 14. October 2011

You seem to me one of the most serious ticketing web pages that I know, good service and quick communication, I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Thank you very much for everything.

Kind regards.

  G J, Spain, 14. October 2011

Thank you very much for your quick answer. I have received both confirmations- thanks a Lot!!!

Now i m Looking forward to our Trip to NY and now I REALLY can enjoy the Show.

Thank you one more time and have a nice day.

Best regards.

  W S, Germany, 10. October 2011

Thank you very much and I repeat that all the care you provide makes buying very easy.

  L V, Mexico, 10. October 2011

Hi Erica, Hi Tim!

I´m back from New York and Washington, I did the trip with my daughter and we want to thank both of you for all you have done for us.

The seats were very good, sorry, excellent and we really enjoyed the show.

Have a nice week.

  B R, Austria, 2. October 2011

Thank you very, very much for your efforts and I am happy that it worked out with the change in reservations! You made me really happy in doing this!

I have booked tickets to musicals many times via and was very satisfied each time with the transaction.

I will absolutely continue to book tickets with you in the future!

Thank you again and best wishes from Hannover- Germany.

  L M, Germany, 30. September 2011

Thank you very much for managing to allocate aisle seats.

It's really nice of you and we are very pleased to have gone through you to buy our seats.

Kind regards.

  L S, France, 16. September 2011

A big thank you for your amazing efficiency!

We will not fail to call upon you next year when we come.

Congratulations to your whole team!

Kind regards.

  V G, France, 13. September 2011

Thank you.

It is not the first time that I contact you. I have already bought tickets for other musicals from you and I have always been satisfied.

I will therefore continue to use your services on upcoming occasions.

Thank you for everything.

  T S, Italy, 12. September 2011

Thanks to NewYork60 we were able to see a musical in New York:

On the NewYork60 website, we bought tickets to the musical The Lion King, but due to Hurricane Irene we were not able go to New York until a week after the initial date.

We thought we had lost the tickets and money, because there were no more free seats in the theater and we had given less than ten days notice.

Thanks to the NewYork60 management and the kind attention of Erica and Tim, we were able to go see Mamma Mia on Broadway at no additional cost, a magnificent musical.

We were delighted and pleasantly surprised by the splendid work of NewYork60.

One can only give thanks.

  C P, Spain, 12. September 2011

I received the email confirming my refund for the show which was canceled due to the hurricane.

I wanted to thank you and compliment you for your kindness, your speed and your professionalism. Rest assured that we will make use of your services again for our next reservation!

Again thank you for the refund.

  R M, France, 2. September 2011

Thanks a lot. We are very pleased and are really looking forward for the show on sunday!!

Thank you so much for your excellent service!!

We will highly recommend your agency to all of our friends!!

  F A, Germany, 1. September 2011

We wanted to thank you for the excellent service.

The tickets were ready at the theater box office, great seats in the middle of the first rows.

We recommend that everyone use your site for booking shows in New York.

Thank you.

  N S, Italy, 1. September 2011

Everything worked perfectly , my seats were much better that what I expected , and the show was fabulous.


  G R, United States, 22. August 2011

As living in Germany in 2008 I bought some New York Broadway Tickets over Internet somewhere else. Horrible price for bad seats.

Since 2009 I book my theater tickets only with I always received awesome seats for a very fair price for any New York Broadway show like Mary Poppins, Hair, and now in 2011 Mamma Mia (2nd row middle of the stage).

Gorgeous support of the staff in the last three years !! For me as an international buyer and returning New York lover, is the best choice ever!!

Stay as you are and I´ll come back with more orders!

  J E, Germany, 12. July 2011

Tim thanks a lot, your are a very good service!

Best Regards.

  E H, Switzerland, 27. May 2011

Thank you very much for helping me.

We will enjoy the show. We are two cousins, we celebrate our 60 birthday. First time in NY. Looking forward.

  T A, Sweden, 12. May 2011

I do recommend Newyork60 as one of the most serious e-tickets website I've ever used.

I had a problem with my tickets in NY and they solved the situation immediately. Professional and serious.

Kind regards.

  L J, Spain, 31. January 2011

Made a reservation from Spain and it was all perfect.

Good seats, good price and good service; couldn't ask for any better.

If we go back to NYC we will book on your website again.

  L F, Spain, 27. January 2011

Dear Daniela,

Thank you so much for your lovely help.

NY60 has a great service and be sure that next time we'll be in NYC, we'll use your excellent service.

I wish you and your family a verry happy new year.

Best and kind regards.

  P V, France, 28. December 2010

Thank you so much for everything...

We don't know how to thank you for how good you were to us and rest assured that the next time we travel to New York we will be counting on you again.

Best wishes.

  V E, Spain, 17. December 2010

Simply perfect!

I'm already looking forward to Friday. Thanks for the world-class service.

With very best wishes.

  R S, Switzerland, 14. December 2010

Dear Sirs,

We watched Mamma Mia in New York. It was simply wonderful. And the tickets were promptly given to my husband and me upon arrival at the box office.

Congratulations on your work! It's really nice to be able to rely on a trustworthy and secure website!


  C L, Brazil, 22. November 2010

Fantastic Seats ! Fantastic Service ! Many thanks Daniela!

  C C, Australia, 26. August 2010

Everything was perfect, I'll recommend you to my friends.

Thanks again.

  J M, Spain, 3. August 2010

Many thanks when allocating our seats for taking into account the three orders in row that we placed.

You provide an excellent service and I will recommend you to my friends and family.

All the best.

  L P, Spain, 26. July 2010

From now on I'm going to recommend my friends buy their tickets through newyork60, since it met all my expectations.

Many thanks again and good evening!

  J M, Argentina, 16. July 2010