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The Lion King
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes
Genre: Musical
Information: Perfect for the whole family!

The Lion King is a Broadway musical adaptation of the highly successful Disney movie of the same name - a production that won two Oscars and wide critical acclaim in 1994. The Lion King musical has grossed almost a billion dollars since its release in June of 1997, making it the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time. Winner of "Best Musical" and 5 other Tony Awards, this show features lyrics by Broadway superstar Tim Rice and music by recording star Elton John. In an unprecedented collaboration, this famed musical duo joined power director Julie Taymor to bring The Lion King on Broadway to fruition. This show transports the audience into an imaginary world, where emotions emerge from a breathtaking musical score, outstanding dance and the phenomenal scenery, as talented actors playing giraffes, birds, and gazelles accompany a young lion cub on the adventure of his life.

Why Should I See It?

The Lion King is a humorous yet touching story, a Disney classic that will be enjoyed by everyone. The show combines African rhythms with the melodies of Elton John. Scenes from the African savanna seamlessly projected onto a large screen provide the backdrop for an international team of actors and dancers who use breathtaking costumes to give life to the story. The Lion King on Broadway is a show filled with heart, talent and visual surprises that will elevate your mood and keep you on the edge of your seat.


The Story

Far away on the African savanna, Simba, a young lion and son of King Mufasa, enjoys his life exploring the meadow with his friends, not really worrying about his future as heir to the throne. Then an unexpected tragedy occurs: King Mufasa dies in an ambush initiated by his uncle Scar and three hyena henchmen. Simba flees the Kingdom, but is haunted by the idea that he is somehow responsible for the tragedy. With Simba gone, Scar seizes control of the kingdom and runs it into the ground.

Away from home, Simba meets a hilarious meerkat named Timon and a charming wild pig named Pumbaa. The trio starts a new life away from the worries and responsibilities of the Simba’s kingdom. However, once he reaches adulthood, Simba decides he must fulfill his father’s wishes and continue his family legacy as king. Upon returning to the kingdom, Simba sees how the savanna has deteriorated under Scar’s rule, and decides to confront him and recover his place in the "circle of life".

Audience Type

The Lion King is designed for the whole family. For younger viewers, it’s an unforgettable story. As they get older the children will come to realize that the story of Simba represents the greater "circle of life". This is symbolized by Simba’s loss of innocence after the death of his father, by the normal difficulties of growing up, and ultimately, by the satisfaction of standing up for oneself. The Lion King is an amazing show that will grab you at its breathtaking opening and never let you go.

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