Things to do on Broadway – Part 1 of 2

Some of my favorite things to do on Broadway!

You might already know that Broadway is the most famous avenue in Manhattan – if not in the entire United States – but did you also know that it is the only road that crosses the entire island in diagonal from North to South? Broadway is much more than just Times Square and is definitely worth putting on your to-do list!

With all the exciting things to do and see, I’ve selected what I think is not to be missed. This itinerary is designed for you to enjoy the best things to do on Broadway… in 24 hours!

Ready for the challenge?

1- Eat breakfast in the street!

One of the very first things to do on Broadway (and anywhere else) is to have breakfast! In Europe, tourists tend to sit quietly in a cafe or on a terrace for a coffee – but in New York everyone moves all the time… even while eating! So throw caution to the wind and eat while you walk – you’ll look like a true New Yorker!

For the best pretzels in the city, walk along Broadway at the cross section with Bleeker.
Once you’ve gotten your pretzel, you can start walking & eating your way to the Flatiron Building. Built in 1902 and also known as the Fuller Building, the Flatiron is one of the iconic symbols of New York.

Its elegance exudes a truly special power. With 22 floors, the building is 87 meters high, which may seem somewhat conservative by today’s standards however in its day this was one of the first skyscrapers in New York City.

The Flatiron is located at the intersection of 23rd Street, 5th Avenue and Broadway, facing Madison Square, and also lends its name to the neighborhood: the Flatiron District.

This is not to be missed in our list of the best things to do on Broadway!

3- Window shopping on Broadway Avenue

One of my favorite things to do on Broadway (or anywhere for that matter) is, of course, shop! For many New Yorkers, Broadway is one of the main avenues for shopping because it is filled with chic boutiques and department stores.

Start in the city center, near Canal Street, and proceed to Union Square to 14th street if you’re looking for the hottest items.

If you’re in a hurry, then skip the smaller stores and go straight to Macy’s Herald Square on 34th Street. Macys is one of the largest stores in the US and you will surely find your shopping bliss there. Bonus for international tourists! If you show your passport at the reception you will be entitled to a reduction of over 10% on your purchases (it is good to be exempt from VAT!).

4- Brunch on the Roof (weekends only):

After all that shopping, you will be ready to take a break and re-charge! I would be remit not to include this panoramic restaurant on our list of the best things to do 0n Broadway. 230 FIFTH is the largest rooftop garden in New York. This bar/restaurant is fully enclosed with breathtaking views of the city.

It is open every day of the year for the general public Mon-Fri 4pm – 4am, Sat-Sun 10am – 4am. However I strongly recommend that you go there on Saturday or Sunday to enjoy the delicious brunch served from 10am – 4pm!

The brunch buffet and barbeque is $29.00 for adults and $15.00 for children, with a glass of champagne and soft drinks, fruit juice & coffee all included!


corner 27th street on 5th Ave.


5 – Visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Now that you’re relaxed and recharged, get ready to continue your tour of the best things to do on Broadway! A must-see is the Wax Museum. Here you can stand right up close to life-sized wax representations of more than 220 other celebrities. Are you taller than Angelina? Is Oprah really so tiny? What about Barak?

This pass includes entry to the museum and a 4D theater where you will enjoy a multi-sensory film experience which combines visual and 3D technology with wind, mist, scents and surround sound.

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