Things to do on Broadway – Part 2 of 2

After your busy morning, we have an afternoon filled with relaxing things to do on Broadway… enjoy!

6 – Say “Howdy” to the World!

Greet your friends and the rest of the world from the webcam at the intersection of Broadway and 46th:

Just tell your loved ones what time you will be in front of the camera and they can share in your NYC experience live from Times Square!

7 – Go to the M&M’s Shop

As you are already in Times Square, go for a ride in the huge candy M&M! The temptation is irresistible and a must-include for my list of things to do in New York!

The shop offers thousands of different kinds of candies and even lets you print your own personalized M&M using a variety of images and messages!

8 – Go to the Top of the Empire State Building.

The Empire State is a classic. It is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York. If you visit the city for the first time it is a real rite of passage to go to the top and a must on the list of things to do on Broadway – or in this case, near 😉

The main observatory is located at the 86th floor with access to the famous outdoor observation deck that will give you a 360 degree view of New York.

The building is open 365 days a year from 8am to 2am. If you want to avoid the line, consider purchasing the New York Pass which includes entrance to the Empire State Building Observation Deck.

Good to know: there is a fun attraction for children, called the New York Skyride, on the 2nd floor of the building. This is a flight simulator which “travels” over the city. There is also an interesting permanent exhibition on the 80th floor, which illustrates the design and construction of the Empire State Building.

9 – See a Broadway Musical!

And of course, as the French say, the “darling” of my list of things to do on Broadway is to attend a Broadway show!

Times Square, also known as the “Theater District” is home to over 39 theaters each with over 500 seats. Theaters are classified as “Broadway” or “Off Broadway” based on the number of seats in the theater, as well as its historical prestige.

Broadway shows are big-budget productions with amazing sets and costumes. This is a unique and truly unforgettable experience. It is better to book your tickets in advance to make sure that you have the best seats, especially for the most famous Broadway musicals, such as The Lion King, Chicago or Mamma Mia as these shows can sell out days, weeks or even months in advance!

Off Broadway theaters have less than 500 seats, and are listed here:

10 – The last thing to do on Broadway after a hard day – have a drink!

Congratulations! Your day is done. You’ve managed to get to all the places on my list of things to do on Broadway.

You deserve to relax with a drink at the Rockefeller center and admire the view of New York by night. It is a magical experience, perfect to end your day (and begin your evening) in the city that never sleeps!

Feel free to share your experience here and share your tips and ideas for the best things to do on Broadway.

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