The Ultimate Shoe Shine Experience?

As many of us know, a regular shoe shine not only keeps shoes looking new, it also extends their life span. In the past, getting a shoe shine was little more than a chore, but with the opening of Star Shine, this has changed – at least for those who are interested.

The Ultimate Shoe Shine Experience

Billing itself as the “the ultimate shoe shine experience”, Star Shine NYC features comfortable leather chairs, flat-screen televisions and of course the beautiful Star Shine Ladies that do the shining. The space is, according to owner Kevin White Jr., “a place to unwind and relax”. And relax the customers do, while they have their shoes shined and watch the Star Shine Ladies do the shining – dressed in scantily clad outfits that is!

Other Services

Soon to be offering beer and wine to its customers, the upgraded shoe-shine experience is perfect for Wall Streeters working late nearby, or for anyone else that wants to have their shoes shined by a beautiful woman in tiny black shorts. Well, it’s certainly closer than the nearest strip club, and it’s quite convenient, with daytime hours! If the Star Shine experience isn’t right for you, you can also ask the girls to come to you! For 10 or more shines that is, and then Star Shine will come to your office – or other location.
40 New Street, Manhattan (just blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange)

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