Empire State Building Lights

The New Empire State Building Lights

We all know the Empire State Building – a 102-story skyscraper located in on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, at West 34th Street. For 40 years the building was the tallest in the world – from 1931 until the completion of the former World Trade Center downtown. Of course now there are many other buildings worldwide that would tower above it, but the Empire State Building is still an enormous structure, taking up an entire New York city block and housing thousands of offices. It has its own zip code, 73 elevators, and a price tag of $4.2 billion (this is the value of the building for an upcoming IPO).

In a recent development, the Empire State Building lights were replaced (in 2012) with a  state-of-the-art LED system designed by  Philips Color Kinetics. Before, the building’s lighting was customized nightly. This took up to six hours each day, and a lot of manpower and planning. Now, however, it’s just an issue of programming – easily accomplished in a few minutes. What’s more, the results from the new system are completely amazing and the new Empire State Building lights have had a great impact on the New York City skyline.

How They Will Be Used

Now the Empire State Building lights are also able to change color, create patterns and able to make use of special effects as part of a synchronized program. Traditionally, the lights have been used to celebrate holidays – including anything from Christmas to the Fourth of July to Gay Pride to birthdays, and much more. The lights will continue to be used to for this, but obviously making use of the ability to create more sophisticated patters. For a list of holidays celebrated by the building, check out this schedule.

Of course for the full effect they should really be seen in person, but a video of the new system is available here:


Incorporate seeing the Empire State Building lights into a romantic evening, or a fun nighttime activity for the whole family!

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