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New York City Highline: a landscaped railroad track

Now part of the New York City Highline, and once an inconspicuous, low-income neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side. Chelsea has more recently become known for its art galleries and expensive real estate. The past decade’s gallery migration from SOHO accelerated a neighborhood gentrification that had already begun, and the recent addition of the New […]

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The Best New York Chinese Food (and Korean)

Today we are going to talk about New York chinese food.

In addition to its more famous restaurants, New York has thousands of other fantastic eateries – many known only by neighborhood locals or culinary enthusiasts. Many of these cuisines are not readily available elsewhere, and thus really worth the trip while you’re […]

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The Lower East Side

Initially an Orchard owned by a Frenchman named Delancey, the Lower East Side (“LES”) has changed quite a bit since the 1700’s. Roughly bounded by Chinatown, Nolita and the East River, the LES is historically a working class neighborhood made up of immigrant groups that came to the city in waves. Jews, Russians, Germans, Italians, Irish and […]

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The Ultimate Shoe Shine Experience?

As many of us know, a regular shoe shine not only keeps shoes looking new, it also extends their life span. In the past, getting a shoe shine was little more than a chore, but with the opening of Star Shine, this has changed – at least for those who are interested.

Billing itself as the “the ultimate shoe shine experience”, Star […]

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