The Best Shopping in New York

There are so many wonderful ways to spend a day in New York: go on a tour, visit the Statue of Liberty or see a Broadway show! You can also spend a morning shopping in New York and visiting the city’s many specialty stores. Some are quite unique, but the ones we are about to share with you are truely one of a kind. Whatever you do, we hope that you enjoy yourself, and that you don’t miss out on Levain’s cookies!

Shopping in New York. First stop, Ladurée

Ladurée is the French bakery that created the original macaron a century ago in Paris. A small, round pastry made up of two crisp wafers and a soft paste in the middle, the creation has since attained a cult following, especially in Ladurée’s native France. While there are other macaron bakeries in New York (as in Paris), the original bakery is widely celebrated. After years of New Yorkers living in prayer, Ladurée opened a branch on Madison Ave  in 2011. Soon another location will be opening up in Soho. In the meantime, it’s worth the trip uptown.
864 Madison Ave
(646) 558-3157

Warby Parker Eyewear

A collaboration between four close friends, Warby Parker was founded to compete against the overpriced eyewear that dominates the glasses market today. According to Warby Parker, the eyewear industry is controlled by a few large companies that have kept prices high, making huge profits by gouging consumers. By selling directly through their website or store, Warby Parker is able to bring customers quality eyewear at a fraction of the previous price, with glasses starting at just $95. For each frame purchased, the company will also give a pair to a person in need. Here’s a video about their great job!
295 Lafayette St, Ste 501
(888) 492-7297


A science and collectibles store with museum-quality artifacts and expert sales assistants, Evolution has been in operation in SOHO since 1993. The store sells fossils, bones and models among other items, many of which would be fascinating to any junior or even senior-level scientist.
120 Spring St
(212) 343-1114

Levain Bakery

Don’t miss the Levain Bakery if you decided to spend the day shopping in New York. The Levain bakery was founded in 1994 by friends Connie McDonald and Pam Weekes, after a long and passionate dialogue about what the world’s best chocolate chip cookie would be like. It took just a few years for  their six-ounce version to get them into the record books – among other things Levain is now ranked as the best bakery in the city on yelp. The bakery bakes everything on-site, and it what doesn’t sell each day goes to help feed the hungry – a policy that has been in place since the beginning. .
167 W 74th St
(212) 874-6080


The Strand was founded in 1927 on what was then called ”Book Row”, six city blocks that  housed forty-eight bookstores on Fourth Avenue. Founder Ben Bass named the store after the London street where avant-garde writers like Thackeray, Dickens and Mill once gathered and where the publishing industry thrived. The Strand soon became a Greenwich Village institution, one that now claims to have 18 miles of books. The combination of used, new and discounted books continues to draw crowds, and today, the Strand is the only survivor of the Book Row era..
828 Broadway
(212) 473-1452

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