Secret New York, What Lies Below the Surface

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in secret New York. Check out some of the city’s biggest secrets below!

The Secret New York Mole People

In 1993, Jennifer Toth wrote a book called “The Mole People: Life In The Tunnels Beneath New York City”. The book detailed societies of people living underground in old subway tunnels. It is true that there are many abandoned subway tunnels in New York. While some people find underground shelter appealing, however, Toth’s book did not convince the public. Inconsistencies in her story have now made it into an urban legend.

Individuals who claim to live as mole people do pop up occasionally.  However, they generally deny the existence of any organized society. Also, most of these people are mentally ill. It is unlikely they are capable of functioning on a community level.

The Secret Track at Grand Central

Though Grand Central is the busiest train station on the planet, one of its tracks sits completely idle. Built for freight, Track 61 evolved into private transportation for a secret New York celebrity. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the track to come in and out of Manhattan fairly often, according to rumor. Though the track has since closed, individuals such as Andy Warhol have occasionally coopted the tunnel for personal use.

58 Joralemon Street

To most people, this secret New York townhouse looks like any other. The only exception is the reflective black windows. Built in 1847 as a private home, 58 Joralemon Street was converted into a giant subway ventilator in 1908. In other words, the house is fake except for the facade. The black windows are in place due to an agreement between the transit authority and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. They keep neighborhood residents and preservationists happy and ventilator in place. Who knows what else we would see without them!

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