Rocky the Musical

 Rocky the musical on Broadway is a rush of adrenaline on the New York stage

Rocky has become the new heavyweight on Broadway since its debut in March at the Winter Garden Theater. This new Broadway musical, rocky is directed by Alex Timbres and produced by none other than Sylvester Stallone himself. Starring Andy Karl  (Jersey Boys) as Rocky, Margo Seibert as Adrian and Jennifer Mudge as Gloria, Rocky the musical has a script by Tony-winning Thomas Meehan (Annie). The choreography developed by Steven Hoggett of Once, and Kelly Devine of Rock of Ages, is shatteringly good. This show is everything you could want in a Broadway musical and absolutely lives up to its famous inspiration – the Oscar-winning movie by the same name.


The plot

Rocky the musical tells the story of Rocky Balboa, an unknown boxer from Philadelphia who fights to move forward in his life. Things begin to change when he has the opportunity to fight against Apollo Creed, the world champion heavyweight. Rocky begins an intense training that prepares him both physically and mentally to fight against not only other fighters, but also against the ups and downs of life itself. This is an iconic story which combines the adrenaline of boxing with the romance of a love story, inspiring audiences young and old alike to pursue their dreams.


The climax

The most spectacular part of the show, as with most of the best stories, happens at the end. Of course, we’re not going to divulge everything here… but we’ll just say that you will leave satisfied. Among several highlights, the boxing ring comes down from the ceiling and settles amidst the audience. In a feat of engineering marvel, the theater is transformed into a boxing ring and a giant screen will assure that no one misses a single punch.

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