New York Tips: Navigate like a NewYorker

Visiting New York soon? Here are a few New York Tips that will make your trip easier. See below:

New York Tip #1: Cabs

Well, the first New York Tip is to use a pass that takes you to the most popular sites. But, if you want to find a cab, make sure the 4 digit number in the center is lighting, and the Off Duty lights are off.

New York Tip #2: Directions

If you’re lost, ask for help. New Yorkers are a friendly bunch, just busy. Most New Yorkers will gladly help you find what you’re looking for. just don’t break the unwritten rules of the city (see sidewalk etiquette below).

New York Tip #3: Sidewalk Etiquette

While usually helpful and friendly, New Yorkers are very serious about their sidewalks:  Don’t stand in the sidewalk while people are walking by or walk in groups of  more than 2 people at a time.  Most importantly, make sure others can pass at all times. Our New York Tip number 3 also goes for the subway, elevators, etc.

New York Tip #4: Hopstop

Our New York Tip number 4 is about . Use it to figure out how to best get to your destination. You can check the MTA website for delays.

New York Tip #5: Tipping

Visitors to New York are often confused by the complicated tipping system we use. The reason for it is that most waiters and bartenders (and others in the service industry) are paid very little and rely mostly on tips to live.

To calculate the tip, first make sure the bill does not already include a gratuity charge. This is very common in groups. If so, don’t leave another tip. If not, follow the guidelines below:

Waitstaff – 15-20% of the bill

Bartenders – $1-2/drink if served at the bar, 15-20% if served at a table

Cab Driver – 15-20%

Hotel Doorman – $1-2 for hailing cab

Porters and Bellhops – $1-2 per bag

Maid Service – $2-5 per day

Concierge – $5-20, depending on the request. More for difficult requests

Coat check – $1/item

Bathroom attendant – $1

Of course, give more for better service, and down to 10% for bad service.

Now enjoy your trip! If you know some other useful New York tips, please write!


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