New York Rooftop Bars

As any New Yorker will tell you, the ultimate  New York Spring/Summer/Fall afternoon is spent with friends or family on a rooftop high above the city. While there are many such rooftops, it’s often hard to finesse your way into a private space. New York Rooftop bars can be a challenge as well, and while there are many, they are usually crowded and often overpriced. Here  are some of our favorites below. Bring your entourage, but don’t forget your wallet.

Le Bain at the Standard Hotel

One of the most gorgeous roof terraces in the city. A relaxing place to snack by day, an exciting place to have drinks at night – if you can get in.. 848 Washington Street (212) 645-4646

Salon de Ning

Salon de Ning at the Peninsula Hotel will take you back to 1930′s Shanghai – or the version overlooking Fifth Avenue.  Enjoy but don’t forget to look at the prices!
700 5th Avenue
(212) 956-2888

Hudson Terrace

This nightlife hotspot is known for its large crowds and loud music. Wednesdays are different, however, when Hudson Terrace serves a selection of wines to a calmer crowd.
621 West 46th Street
(212) 315-9400

Jimmy at The James Hotel

Jimmy has both an indoor bar and outdoor space, complete with a 360-degree view and wading pool. Fantastic location.
15 Thompson St.
(212) 465-2000

Four at Yotel

This lounge rises only four floors above 42nd Street, but the open views are gratifying. The futuristic vibe mixed with a capacity for 400 makes this Japanese hotel seem like a space colony of sorts, but a colony with 2-liter growlers of Stella, Sam Adams and Ichiban. Four also serves mixed drinks and an assortment of sangrias.
570 10th Ave.
(646) 449-7700

Gallow Green

Last summer, the producers of Sleep No More transformed the roof of their haunted “hotel” into a mysterious garden – with old train tracks, boxcars, and sparkling lights. This new world includes fancy cocktails and a variety of snacks, but also shocking prices. The experience is worth it, just make sure to secure a reservation before you head over.
530 West 27th Street
(212) 564-1662

Upstairs At The Kimberly Hotel

This popular rooftop bar offers excellent views of the city, a sleek decor, and creative cocktail list. The food is good too, the lobster sliders and goat cheese>stuffed mushrooms are official NewYork60 favorites. $18 drinks are on the pricey side but not horrible for a nice nowadays, but tolerable with the gorgeous sunsets that the Kimberly has to offer.
East 50th Street
(212) 702-1600

Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Roof Garden Cafe and Martini Bar

Unobstructed views of Central Park, some of the best  artwork in the city, reasonably>priced cocktails ($8.75 – $13.00) and the feeling you get when you support the arts! The Met’s Roof Garden Cafe is definitely worth a stop>by, check it out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; or Friday and Saturday: 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. The Martini Bar opens at 5:30 p.m.

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