New York City Highline: a landscaped railroad track


Now part of the New York City Highline, and once an inconspicuous, low-income neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side. Chelsea has more recently become known for its art galleries and expensive real estate. The past decade’s gallery migration from SOHO accelerated a neighborhood gentrification that had already begun, and the recent addition of the New York City Highline Park put condo construction into overdrive. Formerly Manhattan’s primary gay mecca, gays have started moving to the less expensive Hell’s Kitchen over the past several years, leaving Chelsea to the galleries, steel and glass designer condos and of course, Google’s new New York headquarters. This New York city highline area is also known for its great restaurants including the Iron Chef’s Morimoto in the Chelsea Market.

The Meatpacking District

As late as the first few years of the new millennium, visitors to the meatpacking district were forced to experience the smell of flesh – from meat hanging on hooks and waiting to be processed for sale. Since then, the Meatpacking District has become a chic area of stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, ad agencies, design studios and really anything trendy.

Bordered by Chelsea to the North and the West Village to the South, the area has itself become a real neighborhood of its own – though a small one. The district’s cobblestone streets, brick warehouse buildings and new construction make it distinctive visually, though as any young New Yorker will tell you, it is the upscale nightlife that truly defines the neighborhood.

The New York City Highline

Now, if we speak about the New York City highline, one of Manhattan’s most popular tourist attractions, this landscaped former railroad track starts at ultra-stylish Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District and runs 1.5 miles north along the west side to the Garment District at 34th Street. The park has beautiful views of the city, the Hudson River and even the rooms at the Standard Hotel! This is a definite must for any visitor.

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