Mamma Mia, the Broadway Musical

Mamma Mia!, will play its final performance on September 12, 2015. Broadway’s 8th longest running show has played over 6000 performances during its record-breaking run. So if you’re traveling to New York in the next few months, make sure to book your tickets  for this fantastic musical before it leaves Broadway! 

How much do you really know about the musical?

Mamma Mia Broadway Musical

We all know the story of 20 year-old Sophie and her mother. We know about the wedding, and the 3 potential fathers. But what else do you know about Mamma Mia Broadway Musical? Check out some of our trivia below to find out!

ABBA’s Perspective

According to the musical’s producers, ABBA was not very enthusiastic about plans for the Broadway show. However, the group quickly came around. In fact, they became closely involved. ABBA itself greatly influenced the show and its success.

Mamma Mia The Movie

Mamma Mia Broadway musical was adapted to film in 2008. The film featured Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and several other well-known actors. Like the musical, the movie is uplifting and fun. What’s more, it is the most successful live-action film musical of all time. Of course, nothing beats seeing the show live!

The Producers

The male members of ABBA took key roles in creating the show. Still, women took all of the show’s key production roles. This may not seem impressive to a modern audience, but it is. Theater production is very male-dominated. The extreme success of this show shows that times are changing.

Mamma Mia’s Global Reach

Mamma Mia the musical has expanded way beyond Broadway. Today it has been produced in over 325 cities worldwide. Seen by over 40 million people Mamma Mia Broadway musical has enjoyed one of the longest Broadway runs in history. It has been performed in over fifteen languages, including Russian, Flemish, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese. For now, the show continues its Broadway run. We can be certain that it will continue with more shows abroad.

Mamma Mia Broadway Musical In China!

With a Shanghaii opening in 2011, Mamma Mia became the first western musical to run in China – in Mandarin. After the run in Shanghaii, the show toured China.  It stopped in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and Xian, and eventually returned to Shanghai, where it continued on.

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