Do you know the Theatre District?

The first thing which will probably surprise you when you go and see a Broadway show, is that the most famous Broadway theaters are located in the same area, called the Theatre District. It is in Manhattan and for theater-goers, spending time and having a drink or dinner in the Theatre District is a must! 

No need to have a map with you: just follow the huge posters of Broadway musicals!

It is actually common to see some of the most famous musicals of New York playing in the same street! This is the case for example of the West 44th Street (between 8th Avenue and Broadway) whereMamma Mia (Broadhurst Theater),  The Phantom of the Opera (Majestic Theater),  Matilda (Shuber Theatert) and Rock Of Ages (Helen Hayes Theater) play. The Best of Broadway in one street only a few meters away from each other, a dream!
You will also find in this unusual street, the offices of New York Times and the Paramount but also the famous  Sardi’s restaurant, founded by Vincent Sardi who was very well known for his generosity. Artists such as James Cagney could eat on credit during difficult periods. Greta Garbo also went there regularly in the 1940s, De Niro took Jerry Lewis there in “The King of Comedy” and Kermit ate in this restaurant in “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” 
And if you fancy staying in the Theatre District neighborhood after seeing your show, you know, just to make the pleasure last a little longer, I suggest you have a drink at Jimmy’s Corner   It is a little oasis with great prices literally a walking block from Times Square. And to quote an article of the New York Nightlife: “The music’s always good (the jukebox is a motherlode of Staxx), the beer is always cold and Jimmy himself is usually on hand keeping it real.” Plus, there are no tourists but don’t tell everyone 😉
If it is your first time in New York,  you will quickly realise that the Theatre District is not the only area where it is easy to find your way. New York is a big city, that’s true, but you will quickly understand the logic of its streets and avenues. Just read the numbers and be aware that Broadway Avenue divides the streets of New York between East and West. Avenues are numbered from 1 to 12, while the streets are numbered from 1 to 220. Besides, do you know why the streets and avenues are numbered? The origin of this system is that, when the city was built, many immigrants could not read (or did not have the same alphabet) so it was decided to assign numbers instead of names. Here’s the story…
If you would like more information about the Theatre District neighborhood, you can read my articles of Times Square and the restaurants in Broadway.
Enjoy your evening!


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