The hit Broadway musical Once will close next January 2015

Espectáculo de Broadway Once

The hit Broadway musical Oncewhich won the Tony Award for best musical in 2012, will close on Jan. 4 after a nearly three-year run.

Based on an award-winning film, Once tells the story of an Irish street performer and a Czech immigrant whose shared love of music develops into an unexpected friendship and fruitful musical collaboration. As a beautiful and bittersweet love story also plays out, the show integrates humor from colorful characters and gives us a musical experience in line with the original movie’s Oscar-winning hit, “Falling Slowly”.

Once is not your traditional Broadway show. There are no big numbers, no special effects. It’s more like a play that comes with beautiful music. Once is a heart-filled story about love, big dreams and the yearning we all have for a life filled with song.

The Story of the Broadway Musical Once

Guy is an Irish singer and songwriter who fixes vacuums by day and plays music in local pubs by night. He is ready to give up music altogether when “Girl”, walks into a bar, hears him play and intervenes. As it turns out, she has a broken vacuum cleaner. When Guy fixes it, she pays him in piano music she plays for him in a record shop.

Over the next week, Girl convinces Guy to believe in his music and in his love for the woman who inspired it. The two scrape up what cash they can find and record a demo album with friends, and their unexpected friendship and collaboration evolves into a powerful – but very complicated – love story.

Audience Type

Once is a love story with a PG-13 rating. There are a few four-letter words, some mild sexual innuendo, but otherwise it’s pretty kid-friendly. The show conveys a universal sense of community, and the the joy the characters exhibit is infectious for people of all ages.

Children under 4 are not permitted in the Imperial Theatre. Each person attending Once on Broadway must have a ticket, regardless of age.


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