How to hail a taxi in New York when it’s raining

Sometimes it rains in New York. I happened to find myself outside a fancy hotel in Manhattan when water started to pour from an open sky. The sort of rain and wind that breaks the umbrella you just bought. You feel exposed to the elements dressed in your glad rags on the way to watch a highly sexy performance of ChicagoThe Musical. You think to yourself that the rain must be avoided at all cost, yet you can’t hide in a sideway as you really are in a hurry – right in the middle of rush hour when most of the city workers head home after a long day at work.

Not a good start to a great evening watching your favorite musical

So how to hail a taxi in New York when it’s raining?

Well, in this city you cannot order a taxi in advance, it’s simply not a service that is offered. Stepping off the curb and holding out your arm to hail a taxi in New York could prove to be a very wet and frustrating experience as the 20,000 taxis that drive around the city every day seem to have been picked up by somebody else already. It might be an idea to head to the subway, but if it’s your first time in New York then you might find that an all too confusing experience. And the ticket lines are ever so depressing. Your best bet might be to rely on e-hail. This is a new service where you can order a taxi via your smartphone. And then there’s the New York City car service, for those of you that plan in advance, but hey – if you plan in advance then it’s quite unlikely that you’ll find yourself drenched on the pavement in your fancy clothes ready for a night out on town. Like I did.

And what did I do? I never gave up – one arrived in the end. I was just a bit late for my Broadway show, a bit drenched, but happy to be in New York City, sitting in the back of a yellow cab with the rain pouring down outside of the window.


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