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Bike Rentals In New York

Following cities like London and Barcelona, New York has instituted a short-term bike rentals program. Citibike, sponsored by Citibank, has provided thousands of bikes for public use. The bikes are available at hundreds of stations around the city. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the surrounding neighborhood, and a docking system that takes payment and dispenses the bikes.

The Basics of Citibike Bike Rentals

Though still in its early stages, officials expect to offer 6000 bikes at 330 stations when the program is finished. Individuals with a major credit or debit card can purchase 24 hour or 7-day passes to rent the bikes in 30-minute increments per trip. Those who pay the $95 fee for a yearly rental have up to 45 minutes per ride.

Renting and Returning the Bikes

To use a bike, simply purchase a pass from any Citibike bike rentals kiosk, then enter the ride code into any bike dock .  A $101 security hold will be placed on your credit card while you have the bike. Annual Members are given a key they can insert into special key slots on the bike docks. To return the bikes, simply find a location using a station map or the Citibike app. If you arrive at a full station, you can request a 15-minute credit that will give you the chance to find another station.

The Bike

The Citibike is constructed from an aluminum frame. It features upright bars and a 3-speed gearshift on the handlebars. The puncture-resistant tires are filled with nitrogen to stay inflated over long term-use.  The foam-padded, height-customizable seat can easily be adjusted up or down for your comfort.  For your safety, the bike displays reflectors and front and rear LED lights that flash whenever  the bike is in motion. Last but not least, a strong frame and elastic strap allow you to secure most bags to the front of the bicycle.

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