Chicago, the Broadway Musical

Chicago Broadway

One of the longest-running musicals on Broadway, Chicago has entertained over 17 million people since its debut in 1975, receiving six illustrious Tony Awards along the way. The show is based on a true story of love, greed and the darker side of show business, and never ceases to entertain and surprise audiences.

Though set almost a century ago, the themes in Chicago, the Broadway musical are timeless. Corruption, crimes of passion, and manipulation of the press are still prevalent today. Roxie and Velma’s quest to achieve fame at any cost may also remind the audience of this current trend in popular culture. In all, Chicago’s twists, music and spectacular dance scenes will captivate and seduce the audience. One of the best musicals of modern times, you will be drawn in by the jazzy rhythms and sensuality of Chicago the musical.

Why should I see it?

Chicago is a chance to escape into a world of greed, corruption and the jazzy nightlife of the 20’s. Provocative dance scenes keep the show as captivating and sensual as it was when it first debuted in 1975.

The story

Set at the tail end of the 1920’s, Chicago the musical tells the story of Roxie Hart and Velma Nelly. Roxie is a showgirl who murders her husband and sister upon discovering their affair. Sent to Cook County Jail, Roxie meets Velma, known as the sensationalized “murderess of the week”.

With the help of Mama Morton, the prison’s corrupt jail warden and Billy Flynn, an unscrupulous lawyer who uses the tabloids to free his clients, the two women lock into competition to become the darling of the tabloids. As tensions mount, everyone tries to stay one step ahead of everyone else. In this cutthroat world there are no limits to how far Roxie and Velma will go, but Roxie has on final card up her sleeves that will change everything…

French, Spanish, Catalan

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