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Last minute option for Discounted Broadway Tickets

3 – TKTS Discount Broadway Tickets

If you prefer to purchase your Broadway tickets when you’ve already arrived in New York, the same day of the show, there is an option for you to get great discounts. The TKTS booth is located right in Times Square, and it offers discounts of up to 50% for same-day shows. If you don’t care which show you see, you don’t care how good the seats are, and you don’t mind waiting in a very long line in the middle of traffic – this is a great option. This might sound sarcastic but it isn’t – TKTS can work fantastically if you really don’t care about the show, seats, time waiting, etc. Normally we tell clients to purchase the one or two important shows – the ones they really want great seats for – with us, and then if they have other shows they’d like to see but aren’t as important, and they have an extra morning or afternoon, go ahead and go to the TKTS booth!

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