Broadway Restaurants: Dinner Before Your Show!

Hungry before your show? Check out our list of Broadway restaurants. There area isn’t known for its good food, but the restaurants below are great, and going to a nice Broadway restaurant before the show is a wonderful experience! Enjoy!

Le Bernardin

Lucky for you, New York’s top restaurant sits right in the middle of the theater district. This is the star of the Broadway Restaurants. If you can get reservations and are willing to pay for it, Le Bernardin will serve you some of the best food the city has to offer, and the best seafood the country has to offer.
155 W 51st St(212) 554-1515

Gordon Ramsay at The London

The Gordon Ramsay may not be as venerated some other celebrity chefs in the city, but his French/New American food is delicious, and he sure knows how to design a restaurant. The second of our Broadway Restaurants is located right in the middle of the theater district, ideal for a nice meal before a show.
151 W 54th St
(212) 468-8888

Pure Thai Cookhouse

Of the many Thai places to be found Midtown West, this place serves the best food hands down. Amazingly, a Zagat food score of 26 brings it within reach of some of the top restaurants in the city. The prices are similar to what you’d find at your corner Thai.
766 9th Ave
(212) 581-0999

Empanada Mama

The first location in an expanding New York empire, Empanada Mama serves delicious latin food at low prices, and quick service will get you out to see your show on time. An arepa, empanada or full plate will take just five minutes to make but put a smile on your face for hours.
763 9th Ave
(212) 698-9008

The last on our Broadway Restaurants list is Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

A heavy advertiser in taxi cab videos, Del Frisco’s strange strategy  is obviously working. Despite the crowds, the steakhouse chain manages to maintain its reputation has a happy space with plenty of room for guests and the freshest of food. Whether it’s an impressive reality or just those appetizing commercials it’s hard to say, but the people keep going and the good reviews keep coming in. Either way, Del Frisco’s is a good standby at the very least.
1221 Avenue of the Americas
(212) 575-5129

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