Which Broadway musicals to see with children?

You want to go see a Broadway show in New York with your kids but you want to be sure it will be appropriate for the age of your children? Here is a list of five Broadway musicals I recommend to parents. I hope it will help you to make up your mind!


The Lion King

This is one of the best Broadway musicals and it is the show that most families choose. With The Lion King, you have no reason to doubt, the story is known by everyone so your children will have no problem to understand, even if they don’t speak English (Note for myself: for English post, write “even the youngest ones”). Dont fear to see your children falling  asleep half way though or complaining because the show is too long! The 2:45 (including intermission) will fly by and both adults and children will be breath-taken by the constantly moving stage and its wonderful decorations. The dancers beautifully dressed up as the animals of the savanna will take you to the wild Africa and the happy characters will make you laugh with their funny behavior during the whole the show.



The most recent Disney musical on Broadway and already a hit! Your children won’t believe what they see as the magic and the beauty are everywhere in this musical. No doubt they will laugh out loud with the fantastic genius, who is so funny and crazy that everyone in the theatre can’t resist to give him a standing ovation in the middle of the show! Adults and children will all also be amazed by the romantic little ballade on the magic carpet, Aladdin and Jasmine really fly! Just make sure to buy your tickets for Alladin on Broadway in advance because they sell like hotcakes…

Mamma Mia

I noticed that many children, even very young ones, are able to sing songs of Abba and I think that the reason why this group still has such a success is because its songs are all upbeat and happy. I strongly advise to all families to make the experience of going to see Mamma Mia on Broadway because it is a beautiful moment to share with your children and the opportunity to sing with them the tunes of our youth. It will bring you back to the hippie 70’s, which I am sure will make your children smile because, let’s be honest, Abba was wearing very weird and colorful cloths 😉

Important note: The theater does not allow the entrance to children less than 4 years old.


When we speak of Cinderella, the first words that come to our mind are: romance, love story, prince and princess dress of course! So this is the perfect opportunity for mothers to take their children to the theater and to share beautiful moments of complicity and tenderness. The magic of Broadway and the history of this famous fairy tale mixed together will give you chills and make you dream for over two hours … Also be prepared for few surprises in this Broadway musical as it is actually Cinderella who saves the prince!

Important note: The theater does not allow the entrance to children less than 4 years old.


Matilda is a mind-blowing musical! The children take control and it is a real mess, nothing can stop them! No need to tell you that your children will love it 😉

They dance, make funny faces, jump on tables, throw paper airplanes. To make a long story short: they rebel against the cruelty of some adults. Get ready to hear the revolting and naughty children! Matilda is a clever musical that excites children and impresses adults.
Important note: The theater does not allow the entrance to children less than 4 years old.Have fun in Broadway with your kids!



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