4 Reasons to See Wicked the Broadway Musical


Welcome to the real world of the witches of Oz. Wicked, the Broadway Musical, is one of the most successful shows in the history of Broadway. Since its premiere in 2004 it hasn’t stopped winning awards and capturing the hearts of critics and audiences alike. So, if you’re not sure which Broadway show you want to see, here are some reasons why Wicked has dominated Broadway for the past 10 years, that might help you decide 😉

1- It Leaves You Wanting More.

“The Wonderful World of Oz”, described so well by Lyman Frank Baum, is part of our childhood. Now, we finally get to know the story behind the story. Why, you ask, did the poor Elphaba become the Wicked Witch of the West?

2- We Love (Good) Surprises.

Wicked is the most successful musical of recent times. Visually, it is absolutely stunning. It has been awarded 35 different awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards. Entertainment Weekly deemed it “the best musical of the decade” and it has been hailed as “a cultural event” by Variety. However, not only critics praised Wicked the Broadway musical…

The well-crafted script, dynamic sets, costumes and makeup have also impressed audiences night after night for over a decade. It is the public who has made this musical the success that it is, filling its seats every show and recommending it to family and friends. This is one of those wonderful (and surprising) occasions where critics and audiences agree!

3- Values

The story behind Wicked the Broadway musical stresses the values of love and trust. It is a great lesson about friendship, which will entertain adults and children, “good” and “bad” alike but especially those who are neither of the two. To paraphrase Gregory Maguire, author of the original novel on which this story is based, it is better to forget the extremes of good and evil and be open to the idea that there is often a gray area, because we are all more complex than we seem.

4- Great Availability and Great Prices!

For years Wicked was always sold out and very expensive. Recently, though still overwhelmingly popular, it has opened up a little bit and now we can really offer you great seats and great prices on discount tickets to Wicked on Broadway!

Hope you enjoy the show and see you at the theater 🙂

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